vendredi 9 août 2013

Jack Da Lumberjack!

An "old" project, began some months ago (maybe one year?) and finally finished.
A very enjoyable miniature to sculpt, I had quite some fun on the volumes and folds of the shirt.
It will be released in the Ammon Miniatures range this autumn.

45mm tall, Super Sculpey firm for the grey parts and Magic Sculp for the axe.

jeudi 21 février 2013

Boxart Troll Blacksmith Miniatures

Another Boxart painting, made for Blacksmith Miniatures.
It was a real pleasure to paint this model I sculpted a few weeks before.

It's quite hard to photograph because of its massiveness and level of details.
Anyway, here is Shaggra the Troll!

idea of the size:

That's the best picture, colors are really close to reality.

Shaggra the Troll

Here's a big mini I made for Blacksmith Miniatures (available here).

It is 50mm tall but quite massive, with a ton of details.
As it is based on my personal vision of the trolls, it was a true pleasure to sculpt this model.

and to have an idea of the massiveness of this beast:

Boxart Blacksmith Leprechaun


I sometimes paint some commissioned minis.
Here is one I recently did as a boxart for Blacksmith Miniatures.

Sculpted by Allan Carrasco, 45mm tall.